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Aug 21, 2014
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"it's evident that the blue-eyed man was buried with a lot of it*"…

First, no casket for me.
Cremation, or dispose of my remains in the most environmentally friendly, cost effective way.
Second, use that valuable stuff, don't waste it by burying it with a corpse.

Having said that, this blue-eyed man is thankful that people from our shared past have left us clues that reveal civilisations have been using this medicine for a very long time, and yet we humans still exist.
So much for the theory that pot is 'harmful for society'.
In this case, and others, those buried with cannabis were revered.

"These drugs are illegal because of the harmful effect they have on users and on society"
- Eric Jolliffe, who calls himself 'Chief' of York Regional Police

"Eric Jolliffe is talking out of his ass...again" - Craig Wilkins

*cannabis, marijuana, ganga, weed, dope, pot, whatever YOU choose to call it, it SHOULD BE a free world.

Weed affects motivation?Really?
Cannabis makes people lethargic?
It's a good job Linda Hunt was apparently unaware of that, when she jumped to the aid of a police officer lying shot in the hall of a Brampton courthouse.
Linda Hunt has since had her cannabis related charges dropped.
I guess all you have to do to get justice in Ontario is save a cop's life....
Isn't it time we ended this costly cannabis charade, Canada?
Stephen Harper is sending Canadians the wrong message on pot.
Canada: A Just Society?In a truly just society, a judge would determine that Linda Hunt, the woman that saved Constable Michael Klarenbeek's life in a Brampton courtroom,  is NOT a DANGER to SOCIETY for using cannabis.
In fact, in a perfect world, Linda Hunt would be given a medal, instead of having to beg for mercy from a judge, for daring to use cannabis to treat her maladies.
This is our reality in Ontario Canada, on this first day of April.
Justice should also be seen to be done, your...uh..."honour"...
 Drop the charges against Linda Hunt.
"Drop the charges" - Gogol Bordello 'Not a Crime'
Charges against Linda Hunt DROPPED! 
DRUNKTANK DOPE: What are the Statistics, Steve?We are all familiar with the terms drunk-driver, drunk-tank, drunk in public, these are things we have adjusted our laws to address. We spend tax money on construction, in the case of the cells used to hold people intoxicated on the legal substance alcohol. We even build and fund havens for those fleeing booze-fueled beatings from their spouses.
It got me wondering about the stats in places where cannabis is now legal.
How many people have been jailed for being under the influence of pot in public?
How much tax money has been spent jailing out-of-order weed users?
What is the number for those who were so out-of-control behind the wheel that they required police intervention?
Accidents caused by those out-of-control herb-using drivers?
Shelters required to protect spouses from marijuana-fueled violence?
We've spent money on drunk-tanks, to deal with the INEVITABLE unruly drunks, but the notion of legalizing cannabis is seen as dangerous by some short-sighted politicians, like Steph
Stephen Harper: The Wrong MessageThe more I hear that fear-mongering radio commercial, the one with a paid actor saying shes worried that Justin Trudeau's stand on Cannabis law reform sends "the wrong message to children", the more I wonder...
Has an election been called?
Why did the Harper administration make it HARDER for people to vote?
What would be the aim of that voter suppression?
Would the paid actor spouting Harper's line prefer the hypocrisy of the legal situation as it stands now?
In Ontario, it's legal-ish, but not legal to sell.
In hospitals all over this country, cannabis is encouraged for Chemo patients. The security turn a blind eye to patients using to reduce bad side effects from the treatment, but bringing weed to that patient may still be deemed a criminal act, instead of compassion.
I would prefer the law be concrete, not wobbly.
The more I hear that propaganda-laden radio ad, the more I think "progressive" "conservative" Stephen Harper is sending ALL Canadians the wrong message, not just "the chi
Stephen Harper is good for business?Depends on the business.
If you are an American entrepreneur, interested in copyrighting and branding a cannabis product, Stephen Harper is your man.
He will ensure Canadian companies get left behind when it comes to developing brand loyalty.
There is a product on sale in Colorado called 'Colorado Cannabis Syrup'. This would be ideal for my arthritis, and I would LOVE to be able to buy a similar product with 'CANADA' on that label, from a CANADIAN company.
Stephen Harper wants to continue to allow police to fine Canadians for using pot, while giving his American friends a distinct advantage in this flourishing industry, because that's the very definition of the title 'fiscal conservative'.
He wants your cash to flow southbound, or into his government coffers, screw Canadian enterprise.

LEGALIZE ME by KeswickPinhead


Craig Wilkins
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