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Thought it best if I put my response to this letter here, in case decides to delete it.
Wouldn't be the first time that this hypocritical organisation, who claims to champion freedom of speech, has tried to silence me for speaking my mind.

Here's the letter:…
Here's my response, if it isn't still under that comment:

I agree that one should self regulate, but that is a choice we have the right to make, or not make. I'm often offended by former editor John Slykuis' antiquated views, but I'll defend to the death his right to make himself look out of touch.

"I get a much more accurate read on the realities of life in other parts of the world from Laureen" - Canadian PM Stephen Harper

You know, if you hadn't mentioned it, NOBODY would have noticed how horribly out of touch with everything you are.
I should point out, Mr. Harper, that this is what we call 'sarcasm', ask your wife about it.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of. I myself have suffered from depression all my life. My black dog, I call it." He paused. "Sometimes I have wanted to end it all."
Frank looked at him with surprise "Have you, sir?"
"I have. But the answer is action, always action."

Excerpt from the book 'Dominion'
A fictional conversation, based upon known facts.
The man admitting to depression and suicidal tendencies?
Winston Churchill.

I cannot agree more.
When the police and catholic school board were persecuting me, I was horribly depressed, as well as frightened and angry.

I chose to not commit suicide. I chose to fight.
Not with violent brute force like York Regional Police did, but with the facts.
Isn't that right, "officer" Jeff Kerr, badge number 1431?
You, sir, are a disgrace, an odious INSULT to the uniform you shouldn't be allowed to wear.

"We shall defend our island."
Quite right, Mister Churchill, I too shall keep a stiff upper lip, whatever the cost.
Cocks Corn And CopsA man with an apparent aversion to roosters was speaking to a psychiatrist.
The doctor says "Why are you so afraid of roosters?"
The man responds "Roosters like to eat corn, I am afraid roosters will eat me"
The puzzled doctor says "But you are a man, you are obviously NOT corn".
"I know that," says the man "but the roosters don't".
For years, I've been trying to convince York Regional Police and York Catholic District School, and ALL THE PEOPLE THEY MISLED, that I am not corn. 
I just heard this rooster joke on Democracy Now.
I reworked it slightly, and added my own circumstances.
The joke is part of a book called 'Guantanamo Diary'
A person, named  Mohamedou Ould Slahi, who is being held without trial, wrote it.
But never given a chance to present evidence of his innocence.
Never given an opportunity to address the accusations of the people who put him in a cell.

Wise Words from a Martyr"I must honestly say to you that I never intend to adjust myself to religious bigotry" - Martin Luther King
Yes, I know, MLK day was yesterday, but I heard this speech this morning on Democracy Now, which I highly recommend.
Not as a soul source for news, but as one voice in a sea of media.
They cover things you won't hear elsewhere, and I appreciate that insight...more than I can tell you with mere worms.
When I heard MLK say the above quote, I knew it was time to get out of bed, and share it.
York Regional Police and York Catholic District School Board were permitted to violate my rights.
They inflicted physical harm upon me.
They jailed me for an afternoon.
They repeatedly harassed me.
They attempted to elicit a phony admission, using dubiously-legal tricks.
Then, when they were given a chance to prove they were justified in their actions, they chose to not enter their lie-filled
TIPS For Catholics and CopsDear York Catholic District School Board and York Regional Police
   On my way home from the dentist, I walked across the field behind St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic school today, just as morning recess started.
You know, the field that is maintained with non-rate-paying tax dollars.
I was already heading back there as the bell rang, and because I was tired, I decided to continue the faster way home, rather than tax my body further, by complying with your demands that were based upon fiction.
Fiction you chose to not enter into evidence when you had a chance, at great expense to the taxpayers.
I thought I would just let you know, so you don't blow more of our money on your unsubstantiated paranoia.
Should you choose to go ahead with another bogus trespassing charge, I'd be happy to speak to another judge about the nasty rumours you lot were spreading.
Actually, TIPS allegedly means 'to insure prompt service', so this is more of a 'TEESS'
This is "police constable" Chris Hyland, who had a hand in my torture and wrongful imprisonment.
After "detective" Peter Duguay illegally interrogated me without the legal council I requested (he lied to me, saying I was "not going to be charged") Chris Hyland issued me an illegal ticket.
When I told Chris Hyland that I was going to fight this bullshit charge, he tried to trick me by saying
"No, this isn't  a ticket where you go to court, you just pay it".
Then I was threatened by Detective Sargeant Braybrook, with mountains of charges, if I didn't just pay the fine.
Finally, after the York Regional "court" system found me guilty of trespassing without ANY EVIDENCE of the grounds on which that charge was laid, the chore of entrapment was handed over to a privately owned company, under contract to York Region.
Odd that, considering that the police had repeatedly claimed I was "dangerous".
Why would the police put a privately owned company run by civilians in c
Hollow Catholic Quotes?"But ultimately, our conscience needs to be reflected* of what is right, and what is wrong. And to call ‘right’ when it is right, and to call ‘wrong’ when it is wrong"
Toronto Catholic District School Board Trustee Mike Del Grande  
Hey Mike, what do you call spending tax money on a disclosure, that never gets submitted into evidence, because it's so full of lies that the crown attorney decides it has no merit as evidence?
Because that's exactly what your York  Catholic District School Board colleagues did.

Not only did they not call out "wrong", they actively that wrong.
Superintendent Frances Bagley, to give you one example of many, got caught lying.
Then, when she was caught in that lie, she lied about lying.
Is that what being a Christian and a Catholic are about?
Will you call "wrong", Mike?
Or is this quote of yours just more hot air from an organisation that has been prove
York Region Called It MisconductYork Catholic District School Board and York Regional Police once defined my actions as "Misconduct", in a disclosure.
Then, when they were given a chance to show a judge this disclosure, they declined to enter this turd they described as 'proof', primarily because it would have given me the opening to enter evidence of police and catholic school board members lying and breaking the law.
They called what I
Until the moment before I was about to call them on their misconduct, that is.
The authorities of York Region have made no public comment about the costly misconduct of their employees.
Smear CopsA 23 year old woman was unfairly labelled a pimp and a human trafficker for two years.
She had her mug shot spread all over the Internet
Her arrest was recorded by a television news show that took a ride-along with York Regional Police.
“They really did ruin this girl’s name. It’s really sad. She’s a really good kid,” the lawyer said of the innocent victim.
In September 2013, all the human trafficking charges were withdrawn by the Crown Attorney.
The remaining charges were dropped after a Judge deemed that there was no evidence to go to trial.
Another person who had their reputation destroyed by I the only one sensing a pattern here?

Rumours of my DeathJust got back from Food Basics, the local grocery store.
A neighbour informed me that there was a nasty rumour going around about me.
Apparently this neighbour (who is one of the GOOD ones) was told that I had committed suicide.
Someone out there in Keswick has been saying that I hanged myself last week....charming.
Who knows? Perhaps this rumour-peddler heard that I was well-hung and got confused.
So I told my neighbour to tell the gossip "That's preposterous! Why would he hang himself after being elected Prime Minister of the Moon?".
It's about as likely as what was being stated as fact.
To those involved in this recent tittle-tattle: I'm afraid you're not going to get rid of me that easily.
Wishing doesn't make it so.
Much to the disappointment of some curtain-twitching gossip-mongers, the rumours of my death have been wildly exaggerated.

Have a nice day... "I don't live today" - Jimi Hendrix
The Campaign of Whispers               April 27 2007 was the first time I heard the disgusting allegations against me. The Geniole family, who formerly lived at 39 Highcastle, sent the police to my house to investigate their claim that I was “Looking at Children in the Park”.
             The police spoke with me for a short time and were convinced that these allegations were groundless.(or so I THOUGHT at the time)
              I have had disputes with The Geniole family before. Unable to attack me with claims to the police, they started to spread the rumour that I was a “Child Molester”. I think they should be investigated for Criminal Mischief.
               The second time the police were summoned to inv
What Makes The Front Page?A pharmacist is charged with selling narcotics without a prescription, and that made it to the front page of the Georgina Advocate.
Not the conviction of a pharmacist on those charges, just the fact that YRP laid those charges.
I always advise awaiting the results from court, innocent before a presumption of guilt, and all that good stuff.
But this front page story got me thinking about other assertions made by cops working in York Region.
"Law enforcement" officer Mack* George (badge no. 1691) once told me, as we stood on the driveway you see him pictured on below, that he had arrested a man riding a bike around town naked.

Then he asked me if I was recording the conversation. You should have seen the relief on his face when I told him I wasn't.
I think it was pretty clear that he was spinning yarn, telling tall tales, spouting pure bullshit.
I have to assume that this story that 'constable' George spun was a LIE, because it
A Conversation with Dave Neeson, PoliticianThe other day, Dave Neeson, who is running for Councillor of Ward 3 here in Georgina, accused me of "smearing" him, because I said, on a facebook post:
  "I will not vote for Dave Neeson, because when I talked to him he sounded full of fluff. When I looked at his online profile, it was similarly full of ambiguous non-info.
Anyone who tries to snow me with political bafflegab will not be rewarded. 
Not to mention that he's endorsed by Dave Szollosy, who I'm glad to be rid of.
Tired of politicians who act entitled, which is why I will be voting for Margaret Quirk, rather than the guy that spent over twenty grand of our money in a legal battle about a perceived slight on his "good name"."

I disagreed with Dave Neeson, in the private facebook conversation that he engaged me in, (away from prying eyes) because it was my opinion of the facts that I was presented with.
If Dave Neeson had called it an insult, I mightn't


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