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Apr 23, 2014
7:15 pm
Apr 22, 2014
12:29 pm
Apr 22, 2014
9:15 am
Apr 22, 2014
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Apr 21, 2014
5:41 pm…
The other day, Sun News' Brian Lilley, who calls himself a journalist, said that he would "call out" cops who broke the law, reguardless of the political leaning of the victims of police criminality.
The two men he was jumping to the aid of were protesting homosexuality on school grounds.

Compare that situation to what happened here in Keswick

A senior citizen cancer patient and I walked across an empty soccer field.
We did not disturb the peace, like the guys Brian Lilley is championing.
 Our "crime" was taking the short-cut through a PUBLIC PARK, that everyone in the neighbourhood uses, to get to Lake Simcoe.
We were manhandled by the cops, and I was handcuffed and thrown in a cruiser, then a cell.
After an extensive fishing trip where I exposed a few cop lies, the charge leveled against me was 'trespassing'
They didn't lay the more serious charges they were considering because I had already shown interest in getting legal council, and taking the issue to a court. A course of action they tried over and over to discourage me from pursuing.
Check this journal entry, and elsewhere, for info.
This is "police constable" Chris Hyland, who had a hand in my torture and wrongful imprisonment.
After "detective" Peter Duguay illegally interrogated me without the legal council I requested, Chris Hyland issued me an illegal ticket.
When I told Chris Hyland that I was going to fight this bullshit charge, he tried to trick me by saying
"No, this isn't  a ticket where you go to court, you just pay it".
Then I was threatened by Detective Sargeant Braybrook, with mountains of charges, if I didn't just pay the fine.
Finally, after the York Regional "court" system found me guilty of trespassing without ANY EVIDENCE of the grounds on which that charge was laid, the chore of entrapment was handed over to a privately owned company, under contract to York Region.
Odd that, considering that the police had repeatedly claimed I was "dangerous".
Why would the police put a privately owned company run by civilians in charge of collecting money from someone they considered

Brian Lilley has said NOTHING about the crimes committed by York Regional Police and York Catholic District School Board, because he is openly biased in favour of Catholic causes.

I predict Brian Lilley won't "call out" cops who repeatedly violated my rights, like he said he does.

I will be tweeting this to Brian Lilley in hopes he'll keep his word. 

I'll be holding my breath, waiting for you to prove me wrong, Brian.

COCKSUCKER: A Backhanded DenialI would like to state for the record, that, unlike addict Mayor-In-Name-Only Rob Ford, I never once called our thankfully former 'chief' Armand LaBarge, or any other cop, a "cocksucker".
Rob Ford has no evidence that Bill Blair is interested in putting anyone's penis in his mouth.
It would be unfair for me to say "Armand La Barge loves giving head" for the same reason.
I try to stick to facts, unlike Armand LaBarge, Rob Ford, and Bill Blair. I've no interest in using homophobic slurs like the homophobe who calls himself Toronto's Mayor.
Armand LaBarge is a liar and a crooked cop, but I have no proof he enjoys performing fellatio on men or boys, so I won't call him, or any of his stooges "cocksuckers" would be wrong.
Just as it was wrong for the York Regional Police and York Catholic District 'school' Board to smear my name at great cost to taxpayers. 
Journalism is hard, just ask Tracy KibbleHere is a hopefully still ongoing exchange between the Editor of the Georgina Advocate, Tracy Kibble, and I.
This is the e-mail I sent to get the conversation started:
Have you been following the ball ban story coming out of Toronto, Tracy?
Here is today's journal entry, entitled 'Give me balls or give me death'
I find it fascinating how some media deal with officials who overstep their authority in OTHER parts of Canada.
This brave approach is sadly lacking here in Keswick.
Your silence emboldens criminals in positions of power.
Saying nothing ensures there will be more corruption in Georgina.
"You can take our balls but you can't take our freedom" - Student at Earl Beatty School
"Just go the other fucking way" - "Constable" David Flood, explaining why Canada's Charter of Rights and Privileges are merely an option for York law enforcement officers.
"Question questionable authority" - Craig Wilkins

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Current Residence: Keswick Ontario Canada
Personal Quote:"Never trust a person who quotes himself" - Craig Wilkins


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