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Mary Fairhead attempts a Dump by KeswickPinhead Mary Fairhead attempts a Dump by KeswickPinhead
This comment originally ran as a journal piece.
There is an UPDATE at the end

When a government administration has damaging news to release, they do it on a friday, late in the day, in hopes that it will be not noticed as much.

This happens SO often, in fact, that the procedure has its own name.


Well…Mary Fairhead, from the Board of Education called me at 4:15 on a friday, and when she didn’t reach me, she left a number, which isn’t the phone number, because I got THAT off the phone.

I phoned Mary Fairhead, who wanted to make that call LAST THING on friday so she could give me a quick brush off…I called her first thing Monday morning.

COINCIDENTALLY enough, she wasn’t at work on Monday

So…not ONLY did she try to brush me off, and duck out…she was even tweeking the news dump formula, by ADDING a day of hiding, and avoiding doing anything to solve the problem.

I will be calling Mary Fairhead FIRST THING TOMORROW, and you can bet that I will NOT let her wriggle out of the FACT that CHILDREN have been put in HARMS WAY by the slander of the Catholic School and the York Regional Police Force.

I will NOT allow her to dismiss the FACT that the Superintendent of York Catholic School Board LIED in a SWORN statement submitted to the Crown Attorney.

These lies are not only endangering children, but adults.

I have had death threats because of these lies.

Our house has been targeted, which puts my MOTHER in harms way.

Dalton McGuinty and “Chief” Armand La Barge should be ASHAMED of themselves, PROTECTING LIARS with ties to an organization (the Catholic Church) that has REPEATEDLY been found guilty of pedophilia and protecting pedophile priests.


A victim of torture, slander, persecution, wrongful arrest and imprisonment at the hands of the York Regional "Police" Force.

Craig Wilkins

UPDATE: Mary Fairhead shirked calling me, having "Education Officer" Robert Stones call me instead.
I have informed Bob Stones of my concerns about the lying Catholic Superintendent and the danger that those lies have wrought.
Bob Stones, of course, will do NOTHING...I know...I was shocked too.
Claims it's not the Ministry of Education's place to intercede into the York Catholic District School Board, which begs the question WHAT MINISTRY sees over the Catholic Schools?
The Ministry of SUPERSTITION?
The Ministry of SLANDER?
The Ministry of SILLY WALKS, perhaps?

If anything happens as a result of the lies told by Paul Geniole, Fran Daly, "Superintendent" Fran Bagley, and the thugs with badges under the checkered rule of that lying cop, "Chief" Armand La Barge, my calls will be on record, my comments online and elsewhere will be there. So there WILL be questions about WHY they did NOTHING after being made aware of a safety concern.

I hope they can live with themselves if some poor kid gets run over, or my mother and/or myself is murdered.
Believe me, this is NOT an exaggeration, people's lives are at stake, and the local authorities are doing NOTHING to address it.

Picture of a frozen flower arrangement. I've halved and mirrored it in editing, so you don't see my hand that was holding it to the sky.

Have a nice day, question questionable authority.

Wynne has won but will Wynne win?History has been made here today in Ontario Canada. Ontario Liberals have chosen their new leader, who will replace semi-premier Dalton McGuinty. Kathleen Wynne is the first woman Premier of Ontario. She's also the first openly gay Premier of Ontario. I can't see Kathleen Wynne being any worse at the job than that lying coward McGuilty, but here's the thing... The public didn't choose her. I know the Liberals will say that Ontario has gone through too many elections lately, and that Ontarians don't want another election, but we never voted for this person, reguardless of how groundbreaking the appointment is. Kathleen Wynne was the Minister of Education before the much-hated Laurel Broten took over the post. When I called Ontario's Education Ministry when Wynne was Min. of Ed.  about my mistreatment at the hands of the York Catholic District School Board and York Regional Police, the person I spoke to on the phone was not exactly helpful, but at least th
The Campaign of Whispers               April 27 2007 was the first time I heard the disgusting allegations against me. The Geniole family, who formerly lived at 39 Highcastle, sent the police to my house to investigate their claim that I was “Looking at Children in the Park”.
             The police spoke with me for a short time and were convinced that these allegations were groundless.(or so I THOUGHT at the time)
              I have had disput
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