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March 11, 2010
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The Most Dangerous Apple by KeswickPinhead The Most Dangerous Apple by KeswickPinhead
"Teach your children well" - Crosby Stills Nash and Young.

For those of you who believe that "Eve" got "Adam" driven from the garden of Eden because she ate of the tree of knowledge....
Do you want your children to be learned members of society, or sheltered superstitious paranoids?
Do you want your FEMALE children to believe that a woman learning is to be DISCOURAGED?
After all, that's what is being implied, isn't it?

This message brought to you by Atheism.
I believe that belief is unbelievable.
I believe that an education based upon FACT is important.
I believe that our tax money should NOT be used to indoctrinate children into ANY religious cult...
... like the Catholic Church.
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Gato-DeSogni Feb 20, 2014  Student Photographer
I love this, This just gave me a great idea for the next picture in my 'God Delusion' series, Its a work in progress but its getting there,

{God, the pseudo Scientist} by Gato-DeSogni    {Church, a capitalist front} by Gato-DeSogni  
KeswickPinhead Feb 20, 2014   General Artist
Glad to be of help, keep up the wood gork. :)
Nice!...but not agree, at least in a very different level.

Don't you think Knowledge (science) is very dangerous, in humans's hands? Look at the earth's carnage...due to the science! I think science in humanity hands is like a gun in child's hand!

In a century, perhaps less, Religion (even if it's just lies) will kill less people than science, I bet!
KeswickPinhead Jan 7, 2013   General Artist
I disagree. Science is knowledge and knowledge is a good thing.
It wasn't the scientists who dropped the atomic bombs on civilians, it was Military people, many of whom openly express their religious beliefs.
science is knowledge (agree) and knowledge is a good thing (disagree! not in any case!)

Scientists are not Good people, and military Bad people, things are not this simple! We're only Humans, with weakness, desires, cowardice sometimes.

Science and Knowledge don't sublimate us, don't make us wise and careful. (neither religion) But science make us powerful, and then : dangerous.

By example, that's because of Science (not directly, I'm agree) that me and you -occidental people- use 15 times our real need in fresh water in a day. water channeling without control is NOT a wise idea. Scientist are not Good, they're human. With weakness.

If you think that the Science will save our actual problems, I think you forgot the human nature. Science don't change human nature. It just make men more powerful. And more dangerous.
KeswickPinhead Jan 7, 2013   General Artist
I never suggested that science alone would "save our actual problems".
I said, in the piece, that funding religion, and therefore propagating the ignorance that religion advocates, is not something we should be paying tax money to do.
I stand by that statement.
Scientific breakthroughs can be misused, to be sure, but that does not make the science itself bad.
The same cannot be said about the words and deeds of people of religion.
Leaders of Religion promote division, in my opinion.
We are all humans, and the splitting and blaming that all religious groups do does not make for a peaceful planet.
You're totally right, for the first part.
Well, I'm not sure that religion promote division in all case, but I've no example to argue my opinion! You may be right for this. In fact, religion is not what I saw in this picture.

To me, science -only because science is used by men- is "bad", or, to the best, menacing. (and I have a biology degree in proteomics!) Your picture of the forbbiden apple is, ironically, well found ( like in "brave new world", "Soylent Green", "deus ex" recently...well, a lot of sci-fi movie or game, after all...)

To summarise : I'm agree with the picture, without irony ; and no need of religion to make the picture works!

Forgive my long text, and my horrible english! :)
KeswickPinhead Jan 7, 2013   General Artist
No need to apologize, your English is definitely far superior to my knowledge of your language.:)
DreamerRealm Oct 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Adam and Eve fell because of Disobedience and making themselves God. Pride afterall is the root of all other sins.

Also, if you are an Atheist, then you know nothing about the Catholic Church, because if you do, then you wouldn't speak so ill about Her.
KeswickPinhead Oct 15, 2012   General Artist
I know they violated my rights.
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