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"Can we do something to make them regular rectangles instead of odd-shaped appendages?" - Councillor Dave Szollosy 

Apparently, Dave Szollosy thinks changing the borders of a piece of undesirable property will make it more desirable, despite having little or no building permit opportunity, and restrictions pertaining to environmental protection.
Some of the properties would be difficult to access because they have no road frontage, or they have a landlocked status.
Many would require planning approval for development because they don't meet minimum requirements for residential development.

"Can we do something to make them regular rectangles instead of odd-shaped appendages?"

Perfect set-up, Dave....
Since you no longer respond to my queries about your conflict of interest and my defamation by your employer, the Catholic School Board....

Did YOU know that Councillor Dave Szollosy has an odd shaped appendage growing out of his shoulders?

Just kidding, his head is perfectly square.

It's ready for development too...
There's nothing but empty space inside.

Why does Advocate FEAR the Truth?I posted the comment below this paragraph after a story about a ruling by the Ontario Press Council was published in the Georgina Advocate.
The Georgina Advocate removed the comment, and changed the settings so nobody could contradict their biased take on the ruling....
Here is the opinion they were so frightened you might read that they deleted it, and curtailed any further public dissent:
    "We still have a right to hear the full story, reguardless of what believes is appropriate.
    When Constable Styles was asked what happened, he chose to say "it's a long story".
    Idolizing and justifying ANYONE who conceals the truth is no longer something I consider wise, after enduring repeated lies, slander, and harassment from YRP cops.
    We the people, have a right to know ALL that transpired
Journalism and GrammarFar be it from me, a person who is NOT a "professional journalist", to give advice to someone who claims they are....OK, so maybe NOT so far....

....but I can't help but comment on a mistake that keeps being repeated by the local paper.
Joe Fantauzzi, the reporter who insinuated that an underage run-away was a prostitute, has continually started sentences like this:
"York Regional Police has...."
"York Regional Police is...."
"York Regional Police does not..."
The way I remember it, from PUBLIC school, is this:
if you are talking in the plural, it should be:
"York Regional Police HAVE..."
"York Regional Police  ARE...."
"York Regional Police DO not...."
"Don't" would also work in the last example.
You don't say:
"Thank goodness the police is coming"
"The Police has my trust"
"The Police does nothing"
This is particularly true in Georgina...where there are police that are far from trustworthy, and as for being relieved that

Journalism is hard, just ask Tracy KibbleHere is a hopefully still ongoing exchange between the Editor of the Georgina Advocate, Tracy Kibble, and I.
This is the e-mail I sent to get the conversation started:
Have you been following the ball ban story coming out of Toronto, Tracy?
Here is today's journal entry, entitled 'Give me balls or give me death' 

I find it fascinating how some media deal with officials who overstep their authority in OTHER parts of Canada.
This brave approach is sadly lacking here in Keswick.
Your silence emboldens criminals in positions of power.
Saying nothing ensures there will be more corruption in Georgina.
"You can take our balls but you can't take our freedom" - Student at Earl Beatty School
"Just go the other fucking way" - "Constable" David Flood, explaining why Canada's Charter of Rights and Privileges are merely an option for York law enforcement officers.
"Question questionable authority" - Craig Wilkins
A victim of torture and persecution at the han
Question HONESTY of AdvocateThe Georgina Advocate recently ran a story about a Keswick man who is facing charges of child pornography.
If this person is, in fact, guilty of the allegations made by the York Regional Police, then I hope the Judge punishes him to the full extent of the law....IF he is guilty.
   But here's the thing about the YRP and the Advocate, they don't always get it right, or act in an appropriate manner, when it comes to issues of morality and law and order.
    For instance, I believe it was reporter Joe Fantauzzi who gossiped about  an underage female, a run-away.
     He insinuated that she was a prostitute.
    Keswick is a small town, when someone makes allegations like that, which, by the way, were not backed by any CHARGES or PROOF, it makes the chance of reintegration into the community that much harder, R

His mother wanted a penis?"His mother wanted a pianist" said the '60 Minutes' correspondent and anchor of CBS NEWS.
   It sure would have been mortifying for CBS if they had to explain that the mother of Leon Panetta did NOT desire male genitalia.:giggle:
Thankfully, Scott Pelley did NOT get the pronunciation of "pianist" incorrect....unlike the way he pronounced "memento".
     It's embarrassing enough that Scott Pelley, a journalist, apparently thinks the word is "MOMENTO", but "His Mom wanted a Dick" would have been TOO funny...unless we're talking about Leon's brother, Richard.
      By the way, I don't know if Leon Panetta actually has a brother named Dick, and I can't be bothered to Google it, but you see, I don't CLAIM to be a professional journalist.
      Scott Pelley is one of the top news people at CBS, and his misspoken words go out to millions.
Be careful what you agree to"York Regional Police makes no representations, warranties or guarantees of any kind, express or implied, as to the content, sequence, accuracy, reliability, timeliness or completeness of any of the information or data provided herein".
So starts the document before the Crime Map that I found out about from following yrp on Twitter.
To that statement I can wholeheartedly attest. From my experience I've concluded the York Regional police take no responsibility for accuracy, reliability, timeliness or completion of any of their duties.
But I will not be looking at the YRP Crime Map, because I would have to go on record as AGREEING to this statement:
"York Regional Police is committed to keeping York Region one of the safest places to live in Canada"
HOGWASH, and I told them so, sending them a tweet saying:
"FTFY York Regional Police are NOT committed to keeping York Region one of the safest places to live in Canada"
I couldn't help but fix this

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March 16, 2012