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I have a working theory on the killing of Kim Jong Nam (KJN), based upon what I've heard so far.

This nerve agent, VX, is apparently composed of two chemicals that, on their own, are relatively harmless.

One of the two women who swabbed KJN's face came down with symptoms but did not die.
Officials surmise that both women were inoculated against VX, but only one got sick.

Could the two chemical components have been separately applied to KJN's face?
Would the chemical reaction happen under those circumstances?
It would explain only one woman showing symptoms, if she was the only one exposed to the combined formula.

Four men that were also implicated have, so far, eluded authorities.
Two women, used as cut-outs, fall guys, while the operatives that controlled them skipped away, presumably to North Korea and a reward.

Kim Jong Uhn could have killed his half brother in a much more private way. He chose to kill his relative in a place he knew there were cameras.
He was ready to sacrifice two women's lives to kill his brother in public with a deadly chemical weapon.
Going to say that's a red flag, right there.
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