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"You can smirk all you want, but we're taking it seriously. If you don't want to be here, you can leave, I don't really care"
-Georgina Mayor Rob Grossi-…

Thanks for permitting people, other than yourself, to make faces, like you often do in photos, Rob.
How magnanimous of you to grant Bill an invitation to go away.

That quote is an example of the way business is done here in Georgina. Dissent is greeted with a "get with the program or get lost" attitude.
Sometimes this sentiment even verges into lawlessness by some local officials.
When the authorities are forced to comply, the mood is often one of surly vindictiveness.
A vendetta mentality.

William McClure has the right to make any face he wants, in or out of council chambers, the way I understand the Canadian Charter of Rights and Privileges.

I advocate that everyone "smile" freely at the Mayor when they see him.
Smile with all your might.
Smile like the wind.
Smile as though you were Mayor Grossi, posing for a picture in the Georgina Advocate.

Speaking of Mayor Grossi pulling faces for pictures that are published in the local seems like ever since the Mayor was forced to drop the lawsuit that he wasted over twenty thousand in taxes on, his likeness has not been gracing the pages of the Georgina Advocate.
His picture is in the latest online version, but not in the hard-copy.

This totally ruins the local game of 'Where's Waldo?' which I call 'Spot Grossi'.

I have been playing this game since Grossi's re-election, when someone told me "You watch, his picture will be in the paper ALL the time".
The guy would show up to the opening of a beer bottle if he thought he could get publicity.
I've sarcastically referred to him as "Our Photogenic Mayor"* because of all this local coverage.
Don't get me wrong...I voted for Grossi, and still think he was the best choice we had for the job...but he needs to LISTEN as well as talk. He needs to take greater heed of those who granted him the position...the public.

I'd just like to thank Bill McClure for keeping the Mayor and Council on their toes.
I know, only too well, that it's not pleasant to be mistreated by local authorities.
I am painfully aware that there is a culture of "my way or the highway" that's prevalent in Georgina and York Region.
If people don't stand up and protest, we'll just end up getting more of the same bovine fecal matter.
It's a shame we can't rely on the Georgina Advocate to report all the news.

We don't need more autocratic cow manure in York Region, we need more transparency, more accountability.
We need more people who will report on some of the questionable words and deeds of those in charge of local governance and law enforcement.

Suppression GroundworkI received an e-mail from, the people that never reported about the police lawlessness when I was tortured and slandered by local "law enforcement".
Mr. Wilkins,
Your comments have again been reported as offensive.
Please keep future comments relevant to the story at hand and refrain from personal attacks.
Failure to do so will result in you being banned from commenting on
Jeff Bower
Managing Editor - Digital and Multimedia Content
This was my reply comment, that Jeff Bower has yet to respond to:
Which comment, Jeff?
Was it the comment about the comment that Joe made?
How is one offensive but the other not?
It seems like a double standard and a further attempt to stifle freedom of speech to me.
Perhaps you could enlighten me as to how "Butt chafes" is less offensive that "chafed Butt".
Is it OK for your employee to make this comment?
Letters from the EditorI mentioned my concern about the literacy of the journalists at in these journal entries.

Here is an e-mail from Georgina Advocate editor Tracy Kibble, explaining to me their view on correctly conveying collective nouns:
Mr. Wilkins,
We are familiar with the grammatical rules regarding collective nouns. As well, we follow Canadian Press Style, which asserts: Collective nouns (groups of people and things) take a singular verb unless the individuals are to be emphasized.
In this case, York Regional Police, in reference to the organization, is singular.
Yes, 'thank goodness, the police are coming', is plural.
BTW,  our editors and writers - rather than simply rely on public school grammar lessons for guidance in writing and copy editing - have journalism degrees or diplomas from post-secondary institutions.
The Advocate editor
Tracy Kibble
I suggested

Advocate Advocates YOUR SILENCEThis article was posted online by
Oddly, it was NOT included in the latest edition of the Georgina Advocate Newspaper.
      The title of the article available online was:
     'YouTube video fuels publication ban debate'
It was followed by NO comment section. disabled comments, because they're NOT INTERESTED in any REAL debate. They want THEIR opinion heard, and they are working towards ensuring YOURS isn' co-operation with  their pals the police.
It's like saying "We seriously need to discuss this, now shut up and fucking listen".
If anybody can give me a link to the youTube video mentioned in this article, I would be extremely grateful.
It's about time someone spoke out about the nasty gossip-hungry bullies in York Region.
I want this INNOCENT passenger, who t
Councillor Szollosy: Straightman"Can we do something to make them regular rectangles instead of odd-shaped appendages?" - Councillor Dave Szollosy 
Apparently, Dave Szollosy thinks changing the borders of a piece of undesirable property will make it more desirable, despite having little or no building permit opportunity, and restrictions pertaining to environmental protection.
Some of the properties would be difficult to access because they have no road frontage, or they have a landlocked status.
Many would require planning approval for development because they don't meet minimum requirements for residential development.
"Can we do something to make them regular rectangles instead of odd-shaped appendages?"
Perfect set-up, Dave....
Since you no longer respond to my queries about your conflict of interest and my defamation by your employer, the Catholic School Board....
Did YOU know that Councillor Dave Szollosy has an odd shaped appendage growing out of his shoulders?
Just kidding, his head is perfectly square.

They just keep wasting our cashWe're up to about twenty thousand dollars now, wasted on Mayor Rob Grossi and his little legal hissy fit.
     The Council, who acted like sheep, led around by the nose by the Mayor...
      The Mayor who should have ignored the snipes of a Canadian that had EVERY RIGHT to speak his mind.
       Rob Grossi decided to launch a costly legal attack on the guy instead, much to the indignation and outrage of the public.
        He then dropped the lawsuit, but tried to say the public had got it wrong, that this was not a personal vendetta and he wasn't misusing public funds.
In other words, the people who got caught with their hands in the cookie jar shamefully insulted their detractor's perception of events....garbage.
    We are definitely on the hook for the approximately four grand in lawyer fees that John McLean was entitled to http://www
Be careful what you agree to"York Regional Police makes no representations, warranties or guarantees of any kind, express or implied, as to the content, sequence, accuracy, reliability, timeliness or completeness of any of the information or data provided herein".
So starts the document before the Crime Map that I found out about from following yrp on Twitter.
To that statement I can wholeheartedly attest. From my experience I've concluded the York Regional police take no responsibility for accuracy, reliability, timeliness or completion of any of their duties.
But I will not be looking at the YRP Crime Map, because I would have to go on record as AGREEING to this statement:
"York Regional Police is committed to keeping York Region one of the safest places to live in Canada"
HOGWASH, and I told them so, sending them a tweet saying:
"FTFY York Regional Police are NOT committed to keeping York Region one of the safest places to live in Canada"
I couldn't help but fix this

Lawsuit Dropped, Business ShutTown Council has unanimously voted to drop the frivolous Grossi lawsuit against John McLean. Well...unanimously, with Dave Szollosy ABSENT.
This shit still cost us money.

In other news, it looks like Marilyn's Flowers is out of business.
It was partially owned by these two...individuals.

I'd call them former neighbours but what this family did to me was far from neighbourly.
I can't say I'm unhappy their business failed, and I'm sure that's a character flaw, but can you blame me?

The BIGGER they are, Detective by KeswickPinhead
AUTHORIZED Ridicule Hatred and Contempt"Taxpayers are footing the bill for a defamation lawsuit filed by Georgina Mayor Rob Grossi"
It sure must be nice to be able to dip into the pig-trough of our tax dollars to defend yourself against defamation.
    I too have been subjected to ridicule hatred and contempt, Mayor Grossi.
      I have also suffered personal embarrassment and humiliation at the hands of the authorities in Georgina and York Region, so I have some questions for the Mayor.
Were YOU treated like a criminal by lawless police, Mister Grossi?
Did YOU get handcuffed and have your arm nearly BROKEN in an assault by Constable Jeff Kerr, badge #1431?
Were YOU thrown in a cage and told you'd be locked up overnight by Criminal Cop Jeff Kerr?
Where's MY tax-funded lawyer, Mayor?
Where's MY apology, Rob?


*This is not to be confused with "Ridiculously Photogenic Guy"…
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Submitted on
April 20, 2012