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The following is part of a conversation I had with a person from Keswick who goes by the pseudonym MrFlagg, who claims he needs to remain anonymous so he can voice his political opinion.
Apparently his political opinion includes baseless accusations, ill informed gossip, and disinterest for the safety of children.

"what i see so far is that you enjoy taking pictures of kids outside the highschool and the school isn't in favour of this" - MrFlagg

"Obviously you didn't read carefully. I live near a public park and a catholic school, NOT a Catholic High School. Clearly you have reached an opinion without reading in detail.
Oh, and by the way, I take offense to your implication. Check my gallery on dA for pictures of kids. Subtract the ones of my family members, and you are left with about thirty pictures out of over ten thousand. Try and find ONE of those that is of a sexual nature. If you still have worries about me being a predator, call the police, I would. Unless you are only interested in talking." - Craig Wilkins

"oh i could care less if you are a predator. I'm just here to watch the world burn. You may be the kindling, the wood, the accelerant or the match. None of it bothers me much." - MrFlagg

"Got it, you don't care about the safety of your fellow citizens. Sadly, I do." - Craig Wilkins

Here is a link to the entire conversation, should read it…

Why Education is so Important by KeswickPinheadNothing will be done until it's too late by KeswickPinheadA day of DEATH THREATS by KeswickPinhead
Bullies and Hypocrites"Looking forward to Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week, next week! #nomorebullies #onpoli " tweeted Laurel Broten, the Minister of Education who is currently NOT doing the job we pay her to do because her boss, Dalton McGuinty, prorogued Ontario Legislature.
Judging from the responses she's gotten so far, Ms. Broten's anticipation of BAAPW has been received with the cynicism, ridicule and outright contempt it deserves.
Here is a sampling of the replies to her tweet, starting with mine.
@LaurelBroten In that case, could you do something about the bullies on the York Catholic District School Board? #nomorehypocrites #facepalm - KeswickPinhead
@LaurelBroten thanks for sharing! I hope your government learns some lessons about bullying from this #nomorebullies #thatincludesyou - knightchris

@LaurelBroten your going to get rid of yourself ? - @samgermanese
@LaurelBroten When r u quitters going to get back to work and face the people of Ontario? Shame on you. #GasPlantScam #onpo
MrFlagg, the cowardly lyingThis is a conversation I had on Twitter, with someone who has made vile allegations without feeling the need for evidence, sound familiar?
He calls himself Mr. Flagg, or MrFlagg, depending on the forum he is polluting.
MrFlagg has made disgusting comments about me on a number of occasions.
He slinks about online, insulting people, then hiding behind his anonymity.

The reason I called him on this first comment is,  that what he is advocating, a common bawdy house for Keswick, is an ACTUAL crime.
I think the local police, who were the co-authors of some revolting bits of gossip about me, should investigate MrFlagg.
The York Regional Police Force and the Catholic School Board should clean up the MESS they've created, don't you think?
Now....on to the discussion...
He started by saying "this stupid town needs an effing rub&tug." #keswickproblems
I replied  "So you're saying that you need to pay for sex?" #pathetic #keswickproblems
"we ca
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Plush-Artist Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I wonder if this "Mr Flagg" Is a fan of M*A*S*H ;)
KeswickPinhead Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012   General Artist
Mr. Flagg is also a villain character in a number of Stephen King books, the more likely source for his pseudonym.
In 'The Stand' for instance, Randall Flagg is the devil incarnate.
shadows-play Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It saddens me just how stupid and violent individuals are now a days. :(
Anyone who views things as MrFlagg does, in my opinion at least isn't really worthy of being judged as a sentient being.
Anyone who considers violence as humorous at all (save for deliberately silly stuff) is less than human.
KeswickPinhead Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012   General Artist
He's human alright. Flawed and mortal. He's just not a very decent human.
MamaLucia Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
:O :O :O :O Ewwwwww .... :crazy:

He sounds like he is kindling AND wood AND fuel AND match all rolled into one.

As well as a classic, classic internet troll! :laughing:
KeswickPinhead Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012   General Artist
As I mentioned in yesterday's journal, this prince of a man used his wife and child as an excuse for his reluctance to reveal his identity...
Nothing like staying classy...nothing at all like it.
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